Friday, May 27, 2011

SATA- Updates

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your wonderful support to the AX2, and we are sincerely sorry to keep you waiting for us to complete our project. In AX2, we aim to produce premium product that could truly embrace art and creativity. Therefore, we have been conducting countless adjustment to ensure we deliver you only the best.
After months of effort, we are glade to present you our very first prototype 8” model for Sata. This Sata figure is currently not for sale, but to be displayed during our future exhibition when promoting Sata, the Children’s Book.
We hope to inform you that the project will be done by this summer, but we can’t. Sata, the Children’s Book is still under the process of editing and fine-tuning both the literature and artwork. We desire to close the project by this year and publish a wonderful book that our children can easily learn the meaning behind the story and enjoy reading it.
Sorry that we have to delay this wonderful project, but we promised that we will do our best to make it looks awesome when it release.

Sata 8" Prototype