Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inu and Saru - Introduction

The two rivaling samurai families - the tribe of Inu and the tribe of Saru, have been at war with each other for the longest period of time, for both parties are determined to conquer the world.

In one single critical battle, the Saru tribe had defeated the Inu tribe, taking over control of the entire continent. In the country ruled by the Saru, the Inu people are marked as the lowest-ranking samurais, while the fighters with the Saru bloodline could serve in the government while being bestowed with the Royal, highest-ranked samurai title - the Joshi. The story entails a group of lowly-ranked samurais acquiring the democratic freedom they longed for through the revolution against the unjust government system and its extremely unbalanced samurai-labeling system.

"Furyo" is the parallel universe of the Inu and Saru series, two largest clans continue their destined war in the modern world.