Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inu and Saru - Yojimbo

I shall killeth those who dareth toucheth mineth mast'r!
by Shusuke/ Yojimbo from the tribe of Saru

Yojimbo is my job. The members of Inu teased me, saying what I do is reminiscent of a watchdog that guards the entrance of Saru, but I pay them no heed. 
My life belongs to my mast'r. A grateful dog is no doubt far nobler than those crude, thankless goshi.

Additional Info:

YOJIMBO means bodyguards, the job is usually taken by the more destitute rank of Samurai, such as the Ronin. Yet the attire of a Saru sergeant ought to be glamorous, so even a mere bodyguard's garments would appear more extravagant than that of usual corporals. The Saru people do not tolerate any dishevelment in clothing- a set of elegant, organized attire represents the frontage of the entire Saru clan.

GOSHI means the lowest rank of samurai.


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