Friday, September 30, 2016

Taipei Toy Festival 2016

Hi Friends in Taiwan,
In 2012 we joined TTF (Taipei Toy Festival) as a guest, this time we will have our booth at A43, looking forward to seeing you there!

And we will have signing events, please check the info below
Event Schedule:
10/08 2:30~4:30PM
10/09 2:30~4:30PM
Featured Artists:
Alex Fang-Creative Director
Weist- Sculptor
Alex Fang-Creative Director
Wankok Leong-Illustrator
Weist- Sculptor
We will begin handing out number plates for line-up at 2:00pm, please bring one or two AX2 related items for signing, or you can find items available for purchase at booth.
*There will be12pcs limited hand drawn shikishi boards (21x18cm) from our illustrator FCP for purchase, first come first served.