Saturday, September 2, 2017


Bad guys want to be good, good guys are doing bad. - Goda
So are we good or bad? - Honekawa

- Goda - 

- Honekawa

Goda and Honekawa are the Doshin (patrol police officers) of the Saru tribe. They have always been slacking, but ever since the Inu tribe has started the war, they can’t pretend to be outsiders anymore. 

Additional Info
Doshin- They performed the duties of prison guard and patrol police officer.

12" Goda & Honekawa

Bundle Set: A fully geared Doshin Goda figure & Honkawa figure.
Bonus Item: lantern with light-up feature

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Pre-Order opens: 09/08/2017, 8AM Pacific Daylight Time

Bundle pack: 310 U.S
(limited to 200 sets worldwide)
Single pack for Goda/Honekawa:  165 U.S

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