Thursday, August 20, 2020

Damtoys X Ax2 Limited Project INU & SARU 12” Ninkyo- Seiji Oni-Ka (Limited Edition)

Damtoys X Ax2 Limited Project
INU & SARU 12” Ninkyo- Seiji Oni-Ka (Limited Edition)

Only limited to 299 pieces worldwide
Estimate shipping date: 4th quarter 2020
Price: 1250RMB

Damtoys X Ax2 Limited 合作新品
12”任侠-清次 (鬼化)  (限定版)(限定数量299套,每款有独立限量号,售完为止

For those who like to pre-order the Inu and Saru Ninkyo-Seiji Onika figure, this character will only be available through Damtoys' retail channels, any questions regarding this product please email Damtoys at

Thank you for your support

对于想预购Inu和Saru Ninkyo-Seiji Onika这款产品的人,仅能通过Damtoys的零售渠道购买此角色,有关此产品的任何问题,请发送电子邮件至info@damtoys.com给Damtoys。


12”  Ninkyo- Seiji (Oni-ka Ver)

A man who does not keep his words, he is not a man.
by Seiji/  Ninkyo from the Gi Clan of the Inu Tribe

Seiji is a descendant of the Gi Warrior Clan, because of his superior combat skills, he was hired to do debt collection for Shenjin Gumi. Seiji has a weird hobby, he likes to collect weapons from his opponents, he also known as “Ninkyo Seiji” for fighting for the weak.

Additional Info:
Ninkyo- A yakuza that willing to help the weak against the strong.
The Eight Extended Clans- The eight warriors of the legendary Inu Tribe, Gi Clan is one of them.
Shenjin Gumi- Name of a yakuza gang, members of Shenjin Gumi are mixed by people from both tribes, most of the members are the ones who were abandoned or not accepted, at some level, it is one of the few organizations that allows the two communities to coexist peacefully.