Friday, October 29, 2010

Sata's Free X'MAS Gift!

Today, it's the annual Halloween in the States, we made this Halloween card to celebrate with you all and wish you all have a Happy Halloween!

In addition, We organized a special event for our Sata Fans. We plan to send out Sata's secret gift to five lucky winners as their Christmas gift.


  • See the Followers widget sidebar on the right. Sign up as our blog follower with your existing Google, AIM, Yahoo or OpenID account.
  • Post a comment on this article to participate in this contest. (Please post it with you ID or nickname, so we know who to contact!)
  • The deadline is U.S (Pacific Time) of 03 Dec 2010, Friday.
  • Five winners will be chosen randomly and announced after the deadline.
  • This event is open to all.

PS. We will announce the winning list on 10 December 2010. In addition to allow more people to participate in this event, we decided as long as people participate before the date of the announcement will also have a chance to win the prize.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

P.B.D ARMOR- Progress Update

For those who are interested in this project, we hope you can become our blog followers and tell us what you think, thank you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Above is the ongoing project "1 / 6 Boom! Series - # 1 ".

Here we have some updates to share which is the finished clothing sample (Weathered texture will be applied), the first draft of armor concept design and processing phase of the weapons. Please continue to support our project, thanks!