Friday, September 30, 2016

Taipei Toy Festival 2016

Hi Friends in Taiwan,
In 2012 we joined TTF (Taipei Toy Festival) as a guest, this time we will have our booth at A43, looking forward to seeing you there!

And we will have signing events, please check the info below
Event Schedule:
10/08 2:30~4:30PM
10/09 2:30~4:30PM
Featured Artists:
Alex Fang-Creative Director
Weist- Sculptor
Alex Fang-Creative Director
Wankok Leong-Illustrator
Weist- Sculptor
We will begin handing out number plates for line-up at 2:00pm, please bring one or two AX2 related items for signing, or you can find items available for purchase at booth.
*There will be12pcs limited hand drawn shikishi boards (21x18cm) from our illustrator FCP for purchase, first come first served.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Karyudo Update!

Sorry for the long wait, 85%!